Transcription companies are no different to any other business in that they have timelines to meet. Even though you are working from home to 'be your own boss', you do need to be mindful that not logging in for your shift impacts greatly along the line.

The minimum requirement to contract to Syberscribe is 20 hours per week.  You can choose to do these hours at a time to suit yourself.  You will be asked to advise of your hours on a weekly basis so we can allocate work for you.  You will be expected to work during those rostered hours fully.  A 'range of' hours is not permitted.

Please consider this carefully, 20 hours may not sound a lot, but in reality, it is sometimes hard to find.

More importantly, when you cannot fulfil your shift, you need to notify us so that someone else can cover your clients' work.

As a subcontractor, you are under no obligation to have set rostered hours, and there is no contractual requirements for you to fulfil, however, continued unavailability/unreliability will result in work being allocated to those who are able to be more reliable.